The Essence Of The Gospel | From Bishop Gobanga’s Desk

The Essence Of The Gospel By Rev. Gobanga


The power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes is what the gospel is all about. The gospel is the divine message about the manifestation of Christ Who delivers humanity from the cause and consequences of sin, thereby seeking to restitute humanity back to fellowship with God.

From the Scriptures we learn that the gospel is ordained of God and is about Christ Jesus. The other thing we learn from the bible is that the gospel was not an afterthought in the New Testament; rather, it was the initial proclamation by the prophets of old in the Old Testament, right from the Garden of Eden.

We are also well able to ascertain that the divine plan of redemption as exposited in the gospel was a hidden mystery, way beyond the earthly realms, having originated within the precinct of eternity past. After all, have not we read in the scriptures that Christ is The Lamb of God Who was slain before the foundations of the earth were laid?

The gospel further affirms God’s righteousness as being the ultimate means of providing mortal beings with salvation; hence, man has not any business seeking to display vain theatrics of self-righteousness because it is like filthy rags before the God of heaven.

We don’t need to impress God in order to receive His approval, for once we are born again (by grace through faith in Jesus), we are accepted in The Beloved of God (Christ). Everything else we attain or do emanate from the consistent relationship we have with God through His Son Christ. Christ MUST become the bedrock of your piety, failure of which renders your professed faith in God to be a misnomer.

No other sacrifice when offered can surpass the perfect sacrifice of Christ at Calvary. Mere plantation of seed offerings in the form of money and rigorous religious engagements minus the essence of a firm acknowledgment of Calvary is invalid. Not even pastoral pampering or accolades received from men can grant one favor before the Lord. At the cross, there are not special favors for anyone at all. The cross knocks down pride and every kind of self-imposition. HENCE, ONLY THE SACRIFICE OF CHRIST, BEING PREFIGURED BY ABEL’S SACRIFICE IS ACCEPTABLE, unlike the carnal sacrifice of Cain which God rejected.

Hence, the gospel provides a message where the God of Heaven ensure that the ground is level for everyone before the cross; thus, no one can afford to brag about his/her own achievements, hoping that by so doing you’ll have undue advantage over others.

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