Marauding Prophets Are Out There. Beware! | From Bishop Gobanga’s Desk

Marauding Prophets Are Out There. Beware! By Rev. Gobanga


I wish to express grave concern over the gullibility with which many Christians fall victim of the illustrious ‘prophets’ who hide in sheep clothing, looking for someone to maraud. It is a matter of urgency that there needs to be an awakening among believers over the said issue, given the perilous effect it has on the Church.

Most of these elements do not submit to any local Church; neither are they necessarily accountable to any spiritual authority; thus, it has become a challenge to determine how to have recourse when such mortals commit a misdemeanor either within a fellowship or even at your abode for purposes of bringing them to account. These people purport to be knowledgeable of almost everything under the sun, especially the spiritual aspects. They are incorrigible, defiant to ecclesiastical authority, showing tendencies of appearing ‘more spiritual’ than the Holy Spirit. Even those of this kind, who have Churches/ministries, do not have established structures in place to ensure checks and balances, for the Church/ministry revolves around the ‘Prophet, Man of God.’

The culprits are notable for citing biblical quotations out of context to justify their misplaced arguments. They normally demand that you submit to them while they do not submit to anyone. Their doctrine is fallacious and has a tendency to manipulate and control people’s minds using the gifting of the Holy Spirit. At times they will even intimidate and threaten you with a curse should you dare question their heresies, by Lord’s name.

Take care, never ever to allow anyone to prophesy to you unless they have a spiritual covering from a reputable Church/ministry, and their mentors are personalities held in high esteem within the Body of Christ, even at the local Church level. Secondly, check that any kind of prophecy given be subjected to the due process of testing via the scriptures as well as the spirit behind the prophecy, which must be the Holy Ghost. Within the Church, the Pastoral leadership (inclusive of the elders) must also exercise their prerogative to determine as to whether the prophecy given emanates from God or from the enemy; also, if perhaps it is the carnal man at work.

A true prophet of God must be an intercessor; as in he/she should naturally gravitate towards the attitude of intercessory ministry because in prayer we seek to establish God’s will rather than our personal dictates.

She/he must be humble and correctable enough, willing to submit to God, fellow believers, and the authority of scripture.

She/he must be able to flow in tandem with the rest of the other functions of the ascension offices of Christ (5 fold ministries). You cannot behave like an Old Testament prophet within the dispensation of the Church.

She/he must belong to some kind of fellowship of other mature ministers of the gospel who are not necessarily prophets but can afford him/her an environment for fellowship and accountability.

Prophecy must be redemptive: it ought to center around the vicarious work of Christ at the cross, where humanity is reconciled back to God. Hence, Prophecy must be Christological, and must not be out of the season within which the Church is in.

As I conclude, remember there is not a greater Prophet than Christ Jesus is, for He is the Prototype of The ideal Man of God.

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