Opportunities Lie Within The Place Of Your Unknown | From Bishop Gobanga’s Desk

Opportunities Lie Within The Place Of Your Unknown By Rev. Gobanga


As you endeavor to mull the journey towards attainment of your vision, it is imperative to realize that, the due process is most fraught with dangers ahead.

Status quo never ever concedes to the fact that times have changed; hence, the need to move on. The status quo will tend to shrug off the effects of change in life that commence to bite into our comfort zone. Yet, it is worth noting the inevitable rationale for change in that it seeks to afford solutions to intractable issues facing life.

The saddest thing is when one endeavors to employ the crass vanity of side steps from the prescribed path, requisite for transition from the present despondency to the futuristic bliss that waits. It may seem incredibly logical to be contented with what you are well versed with than launch into the profound unknown; this could well become the undoing of some if not many.

It is of necessity to note that grand opportunities are not found within the sphere of status quo; neither are they experienced or drawn from the wells of comfort zone and annals of experience per see. Grand opportunities are best sort after and experienced in the journey of process that proceeds to the unknown.

Though the unknown can be very murky, lonely and psychologically gruesome, the yield therein is much rewarding and fulfilling indeed. The unknown is a realm of untapped resources, potential, as well as capacity. The challenges facing society have their solutions buried in the depth of the unknown, not the already exploited realm.

Every one of us has his/her unknown realm with which to navigate. The journey towards the unknown affords one the opportunity to trigger the vested capacity within himself/herself in order to manifest the very purpose for which you’re were ordained to live on planet earth.

Don’t you fret over the unknown, for that is where your placement is plus the vast resources to tap into so as to add value in life for your generation.

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