Spiritual Relocation | From Bishop Gobanga’s Desk

Spiritual Relocation By Rev. Gobanga


A change in time/season necessitates a spiritual relocation. Nowhere in scripture do you read of people who remained at the same level, both in the natural as well as in the spirit upon a change in the time/season. Change in time and season calls for change in position, priorities, preferences, and focus.

God ordained time and season for significant events to occur in our lives; even those basic occurrences are events in themselves in the eyes of God. The Divine has orchestrated for us to attain certain milestones, interconnected to our destiny within the context of the dimension of time and season.

The sole purpose of God in expressing His desire for us to relocate each time the season Changes, is so that we may connect with the essence of His divine nature plus the place where He wants us to be. In other words, God wants us to dislocate from the comfort zone of the status quo and relocate into the dimension of actuality. The status quo does not afford us the due privilege to partake of the divine tangibility.

The status quo is a gross hindrance to fruitfulness; hence, mortals who wallow in this realm are short of experiencing newness and sense of purpose. The status quo breeds the vice of familiarity with God as well as your environment such that presumptions become the order of the day rather than reverence for divinity. Status quo is tantamount to spiritual blindness of the highest degree. The status quo makes one to lose value for divine substance, especially where the people whom God brings in your life.

To relocate with God in the spirit requires one to hear from God in person. Void of the voice of God is a drawback to spiritual revelation, for it is the revelation you receive from the voice of God that affords you the due divine direction for your life. Thus, Revelation gives you the capacity to partake of the new things locked up for you in the spirit.

The voice of God signals a pointer to the requisite change in time/season; hence, the need for you to shift with Him in the Spirit. Every season has its corresponding demand in terms of response; your response to the changes in time/season determines how far you progress in the things of God as well as your personal walk with Him, in view of destiny.

As you change from position, you must also change in all manner of spiritual appearance, attitude, as well as character. Your demeanor and appearance is paramount in relation to where God wants to take you. Every aspect of transcendence towards conformity to divine character corresponds to the demand in your living a consecrated life.

You must be prepared to detach from where you are, from what you are, from whom you are so to become fashioned after the image of the Son of God. Where you are at present isn’t where God wants to you be; rather, where you ought to be is the place of your productivity, where divine treasures meant for your taking are locked up, awaiting for the day when you shall appear.

Your divine placement is vested with favor that grants you the unlimited accessibility to the throne room of Christ; it is in this place where your prayers get answered with ease.

May you discover by revelation where you are to be to relocate from the status quo and get to the unexplored realm of tangibility, where divinity awaits to bestow benefits due to you.

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