Back To The Basics: Loving On God | INFEMI Sermon By Minister Purity Muthoni

Back To The Basics – Loving On God: Sermon By Minister Purity Muthoni

It is important to look outside of ourselves to understand why we do what we do.

Relationship is a state of relatedness and connectedness between people (emotional and mutual).

Fellowship is the state of being with someone and companionship.

Communion is sharing thoughts and feelings, being present – body, mind and soul. To commune is to share things intimately- showing profound and deepened study of someone. Our intimacy needs to be heightened.

The relationship you have with God will inform every other relationship. How you see yourself will determine how you relate with others.

The prayer closet is a spiritual reality. It is not about having a to-do list. What is the point of all that we do if we do not touch base with God and have a deeper relationship with Him?

The Exchange life is all about accepting and receiving what God has done for you. Do not start in the Spirit and end in the flesh (works).

God has already gone before us. He has set and designed an outcome that He desires for us. Commune with Him. It is a relationship.

Our comfort through the hard days should be that God is with us through our day. He is more than willing to reveal Himself to us daily.

Experiencing God is not for a select few. We need the same faith we have when we pray to also know that God is with us throughout our day.

You need to be willing to endure & enjoy the process of knowing God and being in a relationship with Him. He desires to reveal Himself to us.

Bring God back into the central place of your life and heart. Begin with God and continue in Him throughout your day.

Familiarity creeps into our hearts and lives when that which God has revealed to us about Himself and ourselves are not precious to us.

Involve God in every great and small thing in your life. He desires for us to choose Him and redirect our focus in life to Him.

There is no space and situation in your life that you cannot surrender to God or involve Him in. Interact with who God is. God wants to be involved in your life.

What has happened to your pursuit for God? Is it growing? Where is the consistency in your pursuit of Him and knowing Him?

To fellowship, relate and commune with someone needs us to be spontaneous heart to heart. God never gives us anything less of Himself.

All that you are originates in God. Revelation is an invitation to intimacy. God reveals things to us for us to connect deeper with Him.

Go to God with what He has revealed to you. Put aside your plans and goals and focus on God. He desires to be known by you and to know you.

Explore Him. Be insatiably curious. If a relationship is boring it is not a relationship. It is a duty. God desires heightened communion with Him.

Is a relationship with God an insurance policy from hell and prayer are the premiums we pay to get to heaven? We were created for intimacy.

Ask yourself why you go to church. Why you pray. Why you do what you do as a Christian.

Without fellowship, communion and relationship with God, you will not be able to serve God as He desires.

You are a walking, talking prayer closet. Your prayer closet is not just in your room. Where are we when I AM (ever present) is being I AM?

It takes two for a relationship to work. Check again what is important to you and your value system that affects your relationship with God.

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