The Incandesce Of Sonship Via The Hub Of Process: Part 2 | INFEMI Sermon Series By Bishop Gobanga

The Incandesce Of Sonship Via The Hub Of Process – Part 2: Sermon By Bishop Gobanga

Sonship is not an event. Sonship is an experience. We are being inducted into an experience that continues from glory to glory and dimension to dimension.

Sonship is the embodiment of the Godhead in a group of people called out from the world and translated into the Kingdom of God.

But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him. 

1 Corinthians 2:9 (ESV)

Sonship is a change of existence beyond what anyone has seen before. There are things that have not yet entered the hearts of men that God has prepared for us.

For you to qualify as a son, you must perceive yourself as a spiritual being. Until you are spiritual, you cannot perceive spiritual things. 

Sonship is an ongoing process without a premeditated destination or static terminal. It has no place of arrival; it is a progressive experience. 

Sons of God are regenerated from glory to glory. Jesus is generated as the begotten Son while we are regenerated as adopted sons. We move from salvation to sanctification to consecration. 

Sonship is a function in the realm of the spirit that enables us to manifest the will of God on earth as it is in heaven. 

Sonship is a convergence of two worlds – the spirit world and the natural world. We are being inducted into a dimension that the natural eye cannot see. 

As long as heaven abides, so does earth abide. They cannot exist without each other. The earth is the manifest arena of the supernatural. God has ordained that sons should be on earth to extend the kingdom of the invisible realm.   

Every move of God restores certain aspects of the Kingdom of God that have been lost. The Church often camps around a move of God creating a doctrine out of it and getting stuck in it in the process. We must be careful not to get caught up in a former move of God. 

The kind of Church that Jesus Christ is building is not the Church we see today. It is a people consisting of different kindred that have allowed their spirit men to be led of God. 

For the Spirit of God to lead you, you must be spiritual. The Spirit of God doesn’t lead personality types or physical attributes such as thoughts or emotions. He transacts with your spirit. 

Circumstances don’t prevent people from walking in their sonship. It is the wrong perception of sonship that becomes a hindrance to spiritual growth and progression. 

When you allow and embrace who God says you are to influence you, it will change every aspect of your life. You are alive to follow the path of Christ which is the path of sonship to manifest the glory of God in this dying age. 

Sons of God are neither male nor female. They are spirit. 

Regardless of our circumstances, God expects us to be the light that brings change. 

Sometimes, some challenges we go through seem to continue even when you fast and pray but know that God has affiliated you to something more superlative than your deliverance. Your deliverance from difficult circumstances is preceded by your transformation as a son. 

No devil will sit in your life unless you give it permission. Devils take advantage of your ignorance as a son to create strongholds in your life. When you deal with strongholds and embrace the greatness God has for you, nothing can overcome you. 

God doesn’t want us to recklessly look for more power, authority and gifts to manifest. Having gifts and/or power doesn’t automatically lead to maturity as sons. 

God wants us to understand that sonship is supposed to be the manifestation of the incarnation of His sons. Jesus died so that you and I may be made manifest as sons of God. 

God always looks for a person to manifest His power and glory. When He wants to do something on earth, He looks for an individual. There must be an incarnation of God through His sons for the solutions to the world’s problems to be made manifest. 

As a spiritual person, you can travail greatly in prayer and see the heart and mind of God. This is because God wants to see a manifestation of your entire being based on the reality of sonship. 

Sonship has to be more than a mystery. It needs to become a tangible reality in our lives. 

Sonship is a step by step walk whereby the necessary shifts happen from one season to the next. God doesn’t rush us into sonship.

God doesn’t speak to multitudes, He speaks to individuals. Any time God would manifest among multitudes in the Old Testament, they would fear and run from Him. 

The more you walk with God as a son, the fewer people you have in your inner circle. Separation from people and things is part and parcel of sonship. 

And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. 

2 Corinthians 3:18 (ESV)

There are various concepts we may have about what it means to change. But we must ask ourselves: What is it that is really happening? What is it that we are experiencing? 

It can be difficult to perceive the changes happening in us as a result of wrong perceptions of ourselves. 

The root meaning of the term “transform” can be associated “metamorphosis”. From a prophetic perspective, metamorphosis means changing from one order of creation into something new. 

Sonship is a drastic and complete change. It results in a different order of creation. We are no longer patterned after the first Adam but now find expression based on the second Adam – Christ. 

The change we experience as sons is a conversion inside of us. It is a transmuting of what you know as life in the physical dimension so you can see the new creation happening within your DNA and spiritual structure.

Sonship is about character, not our gifts and abilities. Sons know when to manifest their gifts and when to be passive. 

We need to break the bonds of how we have seen ourselves. Change should go beyond your mindset. True change is in the structure of who you are.

Sonship is a change of mindset and structure. We tend to live in the past or the future instead of the present. Our testimonies must reflect the present day not just what happened in the past or what we are expecting in the future. 

Your past has helped define who you are but it shouldn’t hold you hostage and distort who you are becoming. 

Change of condition must come with change in position. We should live and dwell on the present while giving appropriate consideration to the past and the future. 

Every prophetic word requires a fullness. When we receive rhema, we shouldn’t rush into action. Take time to tarry in the presence of God to get further revelation and understanding concerning rhema. 

God does not live in the past or future. He lives in the present and wants us to do the same. Your past has defined who you are today. Don’t live in the past but learn from it. You cannot attain to certain things in the future without being conscious about how you carry yourself and your choices in the present. Live in the present and make adjustments today so that the prophetic word will find fullness in your life and find you ready when the time comes.

The greater your exposure to the presence of God, the greater the change within you. You are becoming a new creation at an exponential rate. 

The greatest enemy to your sonship is your mind not the devil. God wants us to walk as sons not just mere men or soulish Christians. Sons of God have spiritual perception that transcends the veil of visibility. 

A son of God is not overshadowed by their flesh or their soul.

Your capacity to hear as a son has a degree of amplitude that cannot be heard by the carnal man. God’s voice is like thunder to the carnal man. Only a son can understand what He is saying. 

We should not get caught up in spiritual experiences. These experiences should lead us into realities that make us more like Christ. 

God wants your spirit to reign over your soul and body. Once your spirit man is ruling, you become more conscious of God. 

There is a reality that you must tap into before you can enjoy the fullness of God’s blessings and promises. The release of divine blessings and promises in the life of a transformed believer must first have a reality in the person’s spirit and in the spirit realm before it filters down into the natural.

The prophetic word of God is meant for the spirit not the soul. Many people apply God’s word in the wrong way because they have perceived it from their soul not their spirit. 

What God says is spiritual. When people see you, may they see the reality of Christ in you.

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