The Mysteries Of The Spiritual: Part 1 | INFEMI Sermon By Bishop Gobanga

The Mysteries Of The Spiritual (Part 1) : Sermon By Bishop Gobanga

But, on the contrary, as the Scripture says, What eye has not seen and ear has not heard and has not entered into the heart of man, [all that] God has prepared (made and keeps ready) for those who love Him [who hold Him in affectionate reverence, promptly obeying Him and gratefully recognizing the benefits He has bestowed]. Yet to us God has unveiled and revealed them by and through His Spirit, for the [Holy] Spirit searches diligently, exploring and examining everything, even sounding the profound and bottomless things of God [the divine counsels and things hidden and beyond man’s scrutiny].

For what person perceives (knows and understands) what passes through a man’s thoughts except the man’s own spirit within him? Just so no one discerns (comes to know and comprehend) the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. Now we have not received the spirit [that belongs to] the world, but the [Holy] Spirit Who is from God, [given to us] that we might realize and comprehend and appreciate the gifts [of divine favor and blessing so freely and lavishly] bestowed on us by God. And we are setting these truths forth in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the [Holy] Spirit, combining and interpreting spiritual truths with spiritual language [to those who possess the Holy Spirit].

But the natural, nonspiritual man does not accept or welcome or admit into his heart the gifts and teachings and revelations of the Spirit of God, for they are folly (meaningless nonsense) to him; and he is incapable of knowing them [of progressively recognizing, understanding, and becoming better acquainted with them] because they are spiritually discerned and estimated and appreciated. But the spiritual man tries all things [he examines, investigates, inquires into, questions, and discerns all things], yet is himself to be put on trial and judged by no one [he can read the meaning of everything, but no one can properly discern or appraise or get an insight into him]. For who has known or understood the mind (the counsels and purposes) of the Lord so as to guide and instruct Him and give Him knowledge? But we have the mind of Christ (the Messiah) and do hold the thoughts (feelings and purposes) of His heart.

1 Corinthians 2:9-16 (AMPC)

When you are in Christ, you do not belong in the time frame of the world but you are in the time frame of the new creation. This access to the timeline of Christ is by virtue of being a new creation.   

God always work in continuous cycles. Every end has a beginning and every beginning has an end.

At the end of your life, you go back to your origin. Your origin is where you were even before you were formed in your mother’s womb.

God wants us to engage with the spiritual. This is the only way we will be able to perceive the spiritual.  

In the Tabernacle, the high priest would access the presence of God and in Him travel back in time, and His timeline of Alpha and Omega, where He is able to declare the end from the beginning.    

In the presence of God, a high priest would see the destiny of a nation (gates of society) as divinely intended by God. 

In the Tabernacle, there was blood of bulls and rams that sealed the transaction of transition into eternity. Blood on the altar was for the pardon of sins. This would allow the high priest to access the holy of holies to atone for nation of Israel. 

A portal would be open and the priest would be ushered into the unseen Kingdom of the Father and behold divinity in the realm where there is no existence of sin.  

The high priest would also be able to see the future. This is in addition to the past and the present. 

The Holy of holies was only accessed by consecrated people. This is the preserve of the people that are called by God.    

As a son of God, one can access eternity and correct the wrongs ancestors made.  

Sons of God are revealed for adversity. As sons of God, creation awaits our manifestation to provide solutions for our generation.  

Worship and prayer are the mainstay of sons of God. 

Disobedience is a key hindrance to the move of God in our lives. 

The enemy has no control over your destiny. God has ordained for you to became what He has created you to became. What you need is to know what is written in your scroll of destiny. 

God does not want us to only have a perspective and understanding of our minds but also be able to engage with the spiritual.

You can only travel back in time when you are in God. 

The process through which the priest access with the portal was through the sacrificial offerings of bulls and rams. 

There is a dimension in God that you see He is who He says He is. 

God wants us to come to a place where we have unlimited access to be caught up in the divine portal. 

We are a kingdom of priests. We only have one mediator between God and man and that is Christ.

The devil is not scared by what you do but if you know who you are and what your mandate is. 

God wants us to be able to see the future He has ordained for us.

Cast me not away from Your presence and take not Your Holy Spirit from me.

Psalm 51:11 (AMPC)

In David’s time of worship, his heart got aligned to the heart and mind of God. He knew that bears and lions were conquerable as was Goliath.  

David asked God not to take the Holy Spirit from him because He had seen the Spirit in the timeline of God. He was caught up in the timeline of God and saw the future. 

You do not have to be like any other person for you to became who God has ordained you to be.

David was able to confront every force because he knew who he was because he had seen who he was to become. 

God will never allow you to fight battles He has not called you to fight. The battles we fight are equal to the call over our lives. Once you conquer your own battles, you take ownership and responsibility over them. 

God wants us to come to a place where we live in the present out of the testimony of our future. What you see in the future should inspire you to became in the present. If you keep waiting for the future the future may not come. Because of the future, the present circumstances cannot destroy you. 

The mystery of your destiny has nothing to do with your peers, family, etc. God is calling us to a place where we are so intimate with Him such that He begins to show you the mysteries of your life. He wants us to walk in the fullness of who we are.

Abraham did not live in the days of Jesus but He was caught up in the timeline of Christ.

Virtue is birthed you when you meditate on the word of God. Meditation will bring to life the word in you.

Process is the school the Lord that uses to mature us. Process is us being made to become. It brings us to the place of understanding so that we can appropriate truth in our lives. 

However, brethren, I could not talk to you as to spiritual [men], but as to nonspiritual [men of the flesh, in whom the carnal nature predominates], as to mere infants [in the new life] in Christ [unable to talk yet!] I fed you with milk, not solid food, for you were not yet strong enough [to be ready for it]; but even yet you are not strong enough [to be ready for it]. For you are still [unspiritual, having the nature] of the flesh [under the control of ordinary impulses]. For as long as [there are] envying and jealousy and wrangling and factions among you, are you not unspiritual and of the flesh, behaving yourselves after a human standard and like mere (unchanged) men?

1 Corinthians 3:1-3 (AMPC)

Process is not always pain. It is discipline not punishment. 

Kings are mature sons. It is their duty to search out things. 

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the glory of kings is to search out a thing.

Proverbs 25:2 (AMPC)

Our breakthroughs are tied to aligning to principles. 

The desires that God will grant you are those desires that come from delighting yourself in God.

There are mysteries about your life in the spirit that you will never grasp until God takes you through a process of sanctification and separation.

We live because of our obedience to God, not because of money, etc.

The original word that God spoke to humanity was meant for the mature sons. 

There is no such thing as waiting to be perfect to serve God. Serve God in your imperfection. 

Whatever you see in Christ you do not have to wait for it to manifest. You pull it and cause it to manifest. 

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