The Altar & The Sacrifice | INFEMI Sermon By Rev. Loice Achola

The Altar & The Sacrifice: Sermon By Rev. Loice Achola

And behold, there came a man of God out of Judah by the word of the Lord to Bethel. Jeroboam stood by the altar to burn incense.The man cried against the altar by the word of the Lord, O altar, altar, thus says the Lord: Behold, a son shall be born to the house of David, Josiah by name; and on you shall he offer the priests of the high places who burn incense on you, and men’s bones shall be burned on you.

And he gave a sign the same day, saying, This is the sign which the Lord has spoken: Behold, the altar shall be split and the ashes that are upon it shall be poured out. [Fulfilled in II Kings 23:15, 16.] When King Jeroboam heard the words the man of God cried against the altar in Bethel, he thrust out his hand, saying, Lay hold on him! And his hand which he put forth against him dried up, so that he could not draw it to him again.

The altar also was split and the ashes poured out from the altar according to the sign which the man of God had given by the word of the Lord.And the king said to the man of God, Entreat now the favor of the Lord your God and pray for me, that my hand may be restored to me. And the man of God entreated the Lord, and the king’s hand was restored and became as it was before.

1 Kings 13:1-6 (AMPC)

There is something in your lineage that you must address. There are enemies that are reigning in your lineage.

Though David was a man of war, there were certain things he was unable to deal with e.g. Joab. It is Solomon who had to deal with him. 

The things you need to deal with do not matter how long they have been reigning. 

The altar means to slaughter and it’s also a place of sacrifice. It’s a place where divinity and humanity meet. 

An authentic altar must carry the mark of exchange. An exchange between humanity and divinity. An altar is a place of divine exchange. 

The spirit that is upon the erected altar dictates what happens in a person’s  life. 

Change is what shows that an altar is effective. 

An altar will always bring forth the fruit of the spirit behind it.

God has always wanted man to build an altar for Him. 

And if you will make Me an altar of stone, you shall not build it of hewn stone, for if you lift up a tool upon it you have polluted it. Neither shall you go up by steps to My altar, that your nakedness be not exposed upon it.

Exodus 20:25-26 (AMPC)

God is not looking for individual expression in building of an altar. God does not expect you to do things in accordance to your own understanding but in accordance to how He wants you to build it. 

You must build an altar with God’s specification. Your flesh must not be expressed on the altar. 

God does not want you to be exposed to Him without the Spirit of God. If He sees you and not His Son, He will kill you. You must put on Christ.

There is a way to approach the presence of God. You must do it the way God wants.

An altar is a spiritual locality upon which humanity meets divinity. It’s a place of fellowship between God and man.

At the place of the altar, there is always an open heaven.

An altar cannot be built without revelation. You need revelation to build an altar unto God.

Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, I will give this land to your posterity. So Abram built an altar there to the Lord, Who had appeared to him. 

Genesis 12:7 (AMPC)

An altar is the place God releases blessings for your life. 

If we are to become in God, we must have an altar.

When believers match to the frequency of the Lord, a lot of things will change in our lives and country.

God won’t raise an altar for you. Raising altars was done by men. Altars are built by men. Men dictate which altars will speak over their lives. 

For Ephraim has multiplied altars for sinning; yes, to him altars are intended for sinning. I wrote for him the ten thousand things of My law, but they are counted as a strange thing [as something which does not concern him]. My sacrificial gifts they sacrifice [as a mere form]; yes, they sacrifice flesh and eat it, but the Lord does not accept them. Now He will [earnestly] remember their guilt and iniquity and will punish their sins. They shall return to [another] Egypt [Assyria].  

Hosea 8:11-13 (AMPC)

Every human being has an altar that is speaking over their life whether they are conscious of it or not. 

An altar multiplies the exchange program. It multiplies what is placed on it.

When you forsake the altar of God, you retrogress to the altars of your fathers.

Every altar has a voice and ears that hear when you speak. The voice will always speak into your life whether you hear it or not.

The voice of the altar is loud in the spirit. Nothing in the spirit can neglect it. 

When you submit yourself to the Spirit of God, you get the capacity to deal with foreign altars that are speaking in your life. 

You need to discern what it is being spoken by the altar that is speaking in your life in the Spirit. 

If you have an altar of God in your life, your altar will reject everything that is not of God in your life and embrace everything that is of God. 

An altar can only be dealt with by another altar. The altar of God is the greatest altar. 

God wants you to sacrifice your life on the altar. 

You are both the priest and the sacrifice on the altar. You must come to God with a sacrifice e.g. obedience, praise, thanksgiving, giving, etc.

Obedience is a form of sacrifice. As a living sacrifice, God expects you to offer your life in obedience to Him.

The Cross is an altar, where Christ gave everything of Himself. 

When you submit to God, you get everything that is resident in Christ.

God demands us to be a living sacrifice because curses do not operate in dead bodies. When your flesh is killed, the altar of God will operate in your life. 

God dictates the kind of sacrifice you need to give. A sacrifice makes room for you to God. 

God is demanding your life as a sacrifice.  

Submitting to the altar of God is submitting to the highest altar. Sacrifice yourself according to God’s instructions. 

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