Never Underrate Anyone | From Bishop Gobanga’s Desk

Never Underrate Anyone By Bishop Gobanga


As you go about your life and engagement with others, don’t ever underrate anyone. Don’t despise anyone who appears desperate or struggling with life.

God uses anyone regardless of his/her current status in life. Learn to accept people for who they are, not what they are.

Sometimes, a person’s status as well as his/her current condition (outwardly and at times inwardly) is not necessarily a factor in determining whether he/she is useful in your life.

Many are the times when people have missed their hour of divine visitation because they lacked the sight to see their destiny helpers. Instead they focused on externalities rather than perceive beyond the veil of visibility.

Destiny is hidden in the shadows of those who may appear uncertain and distant from the tangible reality of success.

Remember the story of Naaman, how he almost missed his healing from leprosy because of lack of sight. He almost ignored the instructions of a prophet who directed him to do what was inconsistent with his status. Bear in mind that it was a Hebrew slave girl who revealed to his wife that he would be healed by the prophet Elisha.

You see, God didn’t use a member of the nobility to talk to Naaman. Also, God’s choice vessel wasn’t about to make Naaman go through a process that suited his status. God is sovereign and He uses whomsoever He has ordained to fulfill His purpose.

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