Who Is A Destiny Helper? | From Bishop Gobanga’s Desk

Who Is A Destiny Helper? By Bishop Gobanga


If someone asked you to define who a destiny helper is, what would be your answer?

Most times we are not cognizant of the fact that we have destiny helpers who are around us or before us. Maybe, the destiny helpers will appear in due course, but we aren’t able to perceive them because they don’t seem like they’re destiny helpers. They don’t bear the hallmark of what we presume to be a destiny helper.

A destiny helper might appear before you as a person who has no reputation or social standing. This person may look like one who is not even known within your circle of people.

In other words, they are presented as people who are struggling to the point where they actually need your help more than you need them. Some destiny helpers appear like they keep begging you for help or favors such that you feel like they are bothersome.

You need to ask yourself what is God’s view of your destiny helper and how you are supposed to connect with your destiny through someone who doesn’t appear like he/she has anything to offer you in terms of your destiny?

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