Greatness | From Bishop Gobanga’s Desk

Greatness By Bishop Gobanga


Greatness is not being better than everyone else to the extent of feeling like you are the absolute best.

Greatness is tied to being the least among people who have the ability to help you in the process of stirring up the potency that you carry within the pristine element of your being.

Greatness is being able to identify what you have for people to give and what you have to receive from people. Thus, greatness thrives on the principle of submission, honour, and respect, which is a function of the perpetual nature of love.

The greater you are, the more you feel like you are the least among others. The sustenance of your greatness is tied to your willingness to submit to those who are placed below you as a rudimentary matter of fact and your willingness to submit to those that are placed above you.

The placement of position is not about superiority or inferiority; rather, is only serves to define jurisdictions of the consciousness of people who have access to dimensions that are expenses of the realms of life.

When you perceive the jurisdictions of life as given to people who are both below and above you as well as being willing to submit to the epitome of being least among them, you will traverse beyond the scopes of your own limited knowledge and abilities. You will excel in all aspects of life because you derive from the efficacy of the Divine Word in order to fulfill your purpose.

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