Be Spirit-Led In Business | From Bishop Gobanga’s Desk

Be Spirit-Led In Business By Bishop Gobanga

Did you know that as born again believers you should not be RISK TAKERS when it comes to business decisions and financial investments?

You ought to know the end of any engagement from the beginning of it.

The reason why many believers secure many unnecessary losses is because they don’t wait on God before going all out on business ventures.

As a believer, you are not supposed to engage into business because it is lucrative or enticing; don’t engage in a business just because you have seen others engage in that business and are making money. You might not be certain of the source of money that someone has. Could be that the individual is a ritualist who has offered human sacrifice for his business to succeed.

A believer is only supposed to venture into businesses because he/she has secured a word from Yahweh. It takes a word of direction, or guidance from the Lord to make a decision that will suffice for you.

Don’t FEEL like doing that business; instead, be LED by the Holy Ghost to do it.

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