Mature In God’s Word | From Bishop Gobanga’s Desk

Mature In God’s Word By Bishop Gobanga

Hearing God is one thing but allowing the word to bear fruit is another thing that takes time to mature. You must mature in the word of God you heard. Maturity is a factor of journeying through the process of God’s written word to balance everything we hear from the spiritual world.

Nothing that comes from God is contrary to the original intent that you have an obligation to maintain the unity of the faith in the context of community. Christ doesn’t speak outside of the context of community. Love is not a notion or even an ideology/opinion. Love is a reality that encapsulates a person’s life in the consciousness of relationship with God and fellow people.

Rebellion is just what it is. Regardless of whether you heard the voice of God or not, so long as you “break the hedge” of authentic fellowship and maintain the integrity of your relationship with brethren, you are just a rebel.

The Bible says “we know in part and prophesy in part”. Hearing the “voice of God” or “seeing visions” doesn’t really qualify you as a paragon of what a spiritual person should be.

If you don’t submit what you hear to the spirit of counsel from your elders, you are going to destroy yourself. There is wisdom and counsel from your elders that you can receive in order to handle the revelation of God’s word.

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