Cults & Cultic Operations | From Bishop Gobanga’s Desk

Cults & Cultic Operations By Bishop Gobanga

I wish to share in brief certain characteristics of cults and occult beliefs and teachings that are in common in the world today. This should enable you to know how to identify these traits and to understand how they affect the lives of people in the society.

Cults & Cultic Operations

A CULT can be described as a group of people with extreme religious ideologies and philosophical beliefs.

An OCCULT is a person or a group that is/are involved in the practice of supernatural and magical powers.

A Cult leader can also be Occultic.

The words of a cultic leader are equated or taken to be superior to the Word of God.

They manipulate the mind of their followers through invoking fear of the unknown, mostly a calamity or curses, through heretical teaching or are zombified through occultic mind capture.

Their formation takes shape as a religious society, secret society or a rebellious group /sect.

The non-religious cults and occults can camouflage as a secret society of an elitist business group, brotherhood of like-minded friends, a professional group etc.

The religious cults are normally not part of any established religious body. They stand independent to avoid checks and balances.

They mostly build their doctrine on miracle performance and eschatological unfoldings.

Majority of the religious cult members are people who suffer diverse “inadequacies” and are seeking for immediate remedies e.g. failed expectation in marriage or business, cycles of pain, terminal sickness, bitterness, revenge etc.

They give much adherance to prayer and not the fundamental doctrine of the word. Their leader’s words are regarded as the supreme oral law.

Some give preference to certain colours as part of their adornment to appease “angels” or spirits.

Cults can also be identified by signs, symbols, pictorial drawings or liturgical artifacts with hidden meaning.

They have an extreme zeal without foundational knowledge of the word.

How do you deal with the demonic world and the existing realm of cultism or occultism?

Everything within the confines of a society can be affected except for those who have been fuelled with the knowledge of blood and combusted with their words of testimony.

When the Gospel is preached in a territory, the altars in the hearts of these evil men who had fraterinized with dark spirits in the territory is destroyed by the knowledge of the Gospel.

The warfare on your knees is consciously and vocally declaring the emergence of God’s government to be established in that territory in INTENSE PRAYERS. This purifies and heals the dark atmospheric conditions of that territory.

You can only fortify your altar with enough KNOWLEDGE.

Prayers itself rests on the ambients of knowledge. Prayer loses savour and becomes irrelevant when revelational knowledge is not captured.

You are meant to use the altar of knowledge to legally deny the operations of those demonic altars in that territory.

For the record, it’s good to seek guidance from a Pastor or spiritual leader to pray with you. Nonetheless, anyone who purports to be a Pastor or spiritual leader is not above the Word of God.

Every teaching must be brought to balance on the scales of the scriptures (not just the letter of the word but the Spirit of the word of God that amplifies the written holy writ).

There are extremes of both the letter and the spirit that we must guard against. Here is where we rely on the Person of the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. Without the Holy Ghost, you can easily veer into darkness without being guided.

Having the Berean spirit is necessary to test the veracity of every teaching you hear on the pulpit.

Maturity is not synonymous with success in performing miracles, signs, outward appearances of opulence or even grandiose gestures that may have a profound effect.

Maturity is measure by the fruit of the Spirit. Every manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit is brought to the fullness of productivity by the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit is what qualifies everything because the fruit reveals the underlying purpose of something or else it becomes something that is subject to abuse.

There will always be a counterfeit version of the original that precedes the original. In the days that we live in, the line between the original and the counterfeit is very thin. Perception has become so blurry that it is difficult to distinguish between the authentic and the fake.

The original must continue to exist alongside the fake. Both must follow their natural course till such a time when they will be exposed to the surface. The counterfeit will not stand the test of time because the authentic will prevail in its natural course of exposing the counterfeit.

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