Infinite Fellowship Ministries was born on June 27, 2010. The bid to launch the Fellowship came as a result of divine revelation received by the visionary, Bishop Gobanga John to raise an altar unto the Lord within the Central Business District of the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi. During that time, the Bishop Gobanga was pastoring a Church in Eastlands.

The journey towards the launch was not an easy one, for it took a step of faith on the part of Bishop Gobanga to trust the Lord for a place and the people with whom he would commence the work. The Lord was very categorical that the Fellowship would not derive its essence from the norms of conducting ministry currently prevalent in the Body of Christ in Nairobi. He gave instructions as to the kind of blueprint to flow with in tandem with the name, vision and mission statement, which He inspired the visionary to serve as the spiritual instrument to define the identity of Infinite Fellowship Ministries.

Rev. Steve Kamau installed Bishop Gobanga as the Presiding Clergy of the Infinite Fellowship Ministries during the launch of the church in the presence of witnesses in attendance. One of the prophetic decrees made by Rev. Steve Kamau concerning Infinite Fellowship Ministries was that it is a Prophetic Mountain of the Lord. By this, divine direction and instruction would pervade every aspect of life for individuals who would diligently seek the face of the Lord. This has been our testament to date.

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