INFEMI Annual Summit

The Annual Summit is INFEMI’s annual conference.

The inaugural edition was held in 2012 and we’ve gathered together for our Summit each year since then.

Annual Summit 2022

Theme: Unity – The Quintessential & Symbiotic Relationship Of The Trinity 

Annual Summit 2021

Theme: Encountering The Dimensions Of Reality In The Apostolic Move Of Christ

SOE 2020

Theme: Jesus – The Quintessence Of Divine Attestation

SOE 2019

Theme: The Reality Of Sonship In Every Generation

SOE 2018

Theme: The Glory Nestled In Circumscription

SOE 2017

Theme: Actuating The Dimensions Of Christ For The Execution Of The Mandate Of Dominion

SOE 2016

Theme: Integrating Divine Wisdom As The Ordinance Of Pertinence

SOE 2015

Theme: Accessing Your Inheritance In The Prophetic Mountain 

SOE 2014

Theme: Walking In The Knowledge Of The Person Of Christ

SOE 2013

Theme: Psalm 90:12 – So Teach Us To Number Our Days, That We May Apply Our Hearts Unto Wisdom

SOE 2012

Theme: Daniel 11:32b – But The People That Do Know Their God Shall Be Strong, And Do Exploits.

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