2023: The Year Of Sacrifice | From Bishop Gobanga’s Desk

2023: The Year Of Sacrifice By Bishop Gobanga


2023 is the year of sacrifice. It is the year when each one of you is being called to a higher level of sacrifice more than you have ever done.

For too long, you have desired to have breakthroughs and opportunities for success in your life; yet, you have never achieved some of your aspirations because you have literally impeded yourself from achieving your goals and dreams because you have never sacrificed.

Sacrifice is first and foremost a heart posture before it translates into action. Without the right posture of the heart it is impossible for you to offer sacrifice.

This coming year, a higher demand has been placed on you to sacrifice your best. You will sacrifice your time, your energy, your money and other resources etc.

Your sacrifice will unlock opportunities to make you grow in avenues of success for the next seven years. God told me that the next seven years will be a duration of testing. How you make it these seven years will be determined by how much you will willing to sacrifice.

Some of you will be tested in your marriage. Others will be tested at the workplace while others will be tested in their businesses. God is cautioning against the possibility to be drawn towards the fake.

There will be those that will be enticed to make decisions about their careers and if they aren’t careful, they will end up losing the opportunity to grow better.

Then there are those people that fear to invest in the things of God. They feel that the money they have shouldn’t be for the kingdom. Those are the guys that need to be extra careful.

When you fail to give to God’s work, you end up depriving yourself of the opportunity to be able to prosper. When you fail to serve the Lord with the right heart posture, you will have to struggle to project a face to impress your friends rather than God.

The problem has never been money. The problem is the heart that hoards the money. A pure heart will gladly give time, energy, resources, money etc.

Sacrifice is not “words”….Sacrifice is deeds. God is calling you to a higher place of your practical demonstration of how much you love Him by the exercise of your deeds.

If God were to ask you to let go of your January and February salary, would you obey Him or you will more concerned about your needs than His agenda?

If God were to ask you to surrender your vehicle and use a cab for sometime, would you obey or you will simply find “legit” excuses to not honour God’s demand?

If God were to ask you to forgo your plans to go an holidays or even your plans to celebrate your wedding anniversary and instead use it to serve His purpose, would you obey or your holidays or wedding anniversary is a priority for you?

If God were to require you to forgo buying clothes for yourself or your family and He demands that you spend the money to buy clothes for someone you don’t know or have never met, would you obey Him?

Some of you will be required to forgo things that you want to buy for yourself in order to use your resources to promote the work of God. You may be told to send the funds to cater for missions. You may be told to give away things that you have hoarded in your house.

The question is whether you are ready? You can’t walk with God when you are so stingy with your own money or other resources.

If the voice of your needs are louder than the voice of God, you are stingy and you won’t go far with God. If the voice of your family is louder than that of the voice of purpose, you are unfit for the kingdom. If the voice of your career speaks volumes about your life more than the voice of the counsel of God, you are already backslidden in your life. If your futuristic plans are placing a higher demand on your life than than your current obligation to handle the things of God, you don’t qualify to serve the Lord.

If the voice of your religious life has subjected you to the confinement of doing the bare minimal things such as pay your ten percent (based on your calculated income), giving a perpetual offering of the same amount for six years every Sunday service, give your partnership only when it’s convenient for your family (meaning that if it’s inconvenient to sustain your partnership due to certain circumstances, you stop giving), then you are in bondage and need to be delivered.

Sacrifice goes beyond mere words you have made. Sacrifice is a heart posture that you must have to endure in all circumstances that you face in order to fulfill your destiny.

Look at the Bible and you can see how people such as Abraham, Issac, Jacob, David, Solomon etc made sacrifices that costed them all in their lives to achieve the ultimate destiny that they were pursuing. The current generation doesn’t know what sacrifice is worth and what it means to achieve the highest destiny through letting go off everything.

The next seven years of your life will depend on what you are willing to sacrifice. You are better of sacrificing now to attain the highest destiny than you hoard in your stinginess and your life will spiral into a cycle of misery.

The ball is right in your court. The greatest testimony is the kingdom you and I are seeking, not those things that are added to our lives. It is not those things that we keep pursuing but the kingdom we pursue.

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